• De Novo Legal (Ozzie Visa) is a very loyal and professional team. I would recommend to everyone. My [Vietnamese] parents have been successfully obtaining a tourist visa for 3 people thanks to the excellent work of the team. My parents previously applied for visa 600 in February but got refused. Although they were financially capable of funding their trips, the Dept was not convinced by their complicated family situations and financial circumstances. We have sought advice from other places and got told to wait for at least 6 months before reapplying to avoid another refusal. We were convinced that my parents would not be able to get a visa within a short time frame to attend their daughter’s wedding. We were desperate until we found De Novo Legal (Ozzie Visa). The team is so professional, especially our immigration lawyer. He was very honest and offered all possibilities. He worked closely with us through every steps of the application process. He listened to our story and tried to understand our complicated situation, and always kept in touch. Their hard work and such effort have earned us granted visas for our family. We are so thankful for their help, and thanks God for leading us to the team.

    [3 family members were granted 1 year multiple entries Visitor Class FA Subclass 600 visas]

  • I applied for student visa but was refused by the Department because they did not believe I am a genuine student. De Novo Legal (Ozzie Visa) lodged a review application to the AAT for me. They prepared a written submission on my behalf and guided me all the way. Before the AAT hearing, they help me to prepare for the hearing. At the hearing, my immigration lawyer, Tsai, made oral submissions to the Member. The AAT believe I am a genuine student and remitted my case back to the Department for my student visa grant. My student visa has now been granted. I can’t thank De Novo Legal enough for their professional way in handling my case and helping me at the AAT.

    [Granted Student Class TU Subclass 500 visa]

  • My student visa application was refused by the Department of Immigration because they did not believe I was a genuine student. I asked a number of migration agents, but they said that my case was too difficult. One of my friends referred me to De Novo Legal (Ozzie Visa). De Novo (Ozzie Visa) Immigration lawyer, Tsai, helped me to lodge an application to AAT to review the refusal and explained to me what document I need to provide and helped me to rewrite my GTE statement. Before the AAT hearing, De Novo Legal (Ozzie Visa) immigration lawyer provided the Tribunal written submissions. At the hearing, Tsai, made oral submissions to the Member. The AAT has accepted that I am a genuine temporary entrant and a genuine student. I am happy that De Novo Legal (Ozzie Visa) has helped me to obtain my student visa.

    [Granted Student Class TU Subclass 500 visa]

  • The service was great. I appreciated my immigration lawyer’s appropriate and professional advice on my visa matters. The price was ok for qualified migration services. Thanks again for my immigration lawyer’s assistance.

    [Granted Student Class TU Subclass 500 visa after AAT hearing]

  • Finally we did it 👏👏👏 thanks for your help! Well done Tsai 👏

    Thank you so so much! We all are know that our case is really a hard case. And we all can see that you have wholeheartedly helped me and my family together. We will go to your office to say thank for that
    Well done Tsai 👍👏

    [Granted permanent Partner Class BS Subclass 801 visa after application was refused for failing to satisfy Reg 1.20KC Sponsorship limitation]

    Nicky Pham
  • He is the best, where everyone gave up I mean every lawyers I have gone in Melbourne.This man is a legend.

    Best service and very reasonable.

    Tsai take your case very personal and gives you the best advice.

    Thank you so much for helping us out.

    (Wife was refused 457 visa and Visitor Visa, after coming to us we secured Visitor Visa, Prospective Marriage Visa and permanent Partner Visa for her).

    Lux Account
  • I received an excellence service by Mr Tsai from this firm and had the successful outcome from all of my cases. i had been using his legal advice twice and i’m overall satisfy by his performance upon working out on all my of cases. i am guided thoroughly with step by steps on how to provide details for him on my cases. i was able to get a work right when he had my “no working” visa conditions removed. i was also able to extend my bridging visa even after i submitted a form to the Federal Circuit Court. He is very helpful and responsive to all of my questions. i would highly recommend his service and his firm and i look forward to use his legal service again in the future!

    [Successful applied to the Federal Circuit appealing the AAT’s decision to refuse a visa and successfully requested the Department to remove “No Work” from her bridging visa]

    Remarkable Sing
  • I highly recommend Tsai as your immigration lawyer, he has successfully helped my partner gain her visa after it was rejected. He is a professional who goes the extra mile to prepare and guide you through the process.

    My partner applied for a Partner visa ourselves which was refused because the Department of Immigration was not satisfied that the nature of household, social aspects, nature of our commitment to each other and financial commitment was strong to support the existence of a genuine and continuing relationship.

    Mr Tsai helped us to lodge an application to the AAT to review the Department’s refusal. He guided us and explained the type of supporting documents to provide. He also drafted a legal submission arguing that our relationship was genuine and continuing. Mr Tsai appeared at the AAT hearing with us and made strong oral submission. The Tribunal Member said that “whatever we paid Mr Tsai, it was worth it”).

    The Tribunal made a positive oral decision on the day of our hearing and on the same day issued a written decision remitting my partner’s visa application back to the Department with the instruction that we have established our spousal relationship to be genuine.

    Darren Geary
  • Thanks heaps for your work Tsai. We got very supportive and professional advice. Your work made everything back on track. Excellent lawyer and I highly recommendation. Thanks from Fiona from Phoebe Angel Vicky from Phoebe Angel

    Phoebe Angel is a fashion retail store operating from a popular shopping centre in Melbourne CBD. We employed a Marketing Specialist on a 457 visa and nominated her for a 186 TRT permanent visa which was refused by the Department of Immigration because the delegate did not believe our retail business was able to support a Marketing Specialist for the next 2 years.

    We trusted our nomination application to a large migration company but our application was still refused by the Department. We approached Tsai to lodge a review application with the AAT. Throughout the process Tsai guided us with each step. He appeared for us at the AAT callover hearing and the final hearing. At the callover hearing the Tribunal accepted we have provided sufficient financial evidence to demonstrate we were able to provide our employees for a further 2 years. However, at the final hearing the Tribunal requested us to demonstrate we satisfied all the criteria in reg. 5.19. Tsai helped and directed us to provide all the necessary documents, drafted legal submissions and made oral submission to the Tribunal.

    The Tribunal, after going through our documents and Tsai’s submissions, substituted the Department’s decision to refuse with a decision that we meet the 186 TRT nomination criteria.

    The Department has now granted our Marketing Specialist with a permanent Employer Nomination Scheme 186 visa.

    Vicky Pham
  • Great quality of work, always responds in a timely manner and got the outcome we were aiming for.

    I applied for Australian citizenship by conferral and the Department of Home Affairs wrote to me to inform me that my application may be refused because I am not of good character due to previous criminal offences.

    I approached Mr Tsai to help me draft a legal submission addressing section 21 good character requirements. Tsai quoted me a very reasonable professional fee and drafted an excellent submission which the Department accepted.

    The Department has now approved my Australian citizenship application even though I have committed criminal offences in the past.

    Mohamed Ahmed
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