July 19, 2019
challenging visa refusal
You can ask the Dept of Immigration to reverse visa refusal Challenging visa refusal is allowed Not many people are aware that challenging visa refusal may be better than re-applying for the same visa or applying to the AAT for a merits review. It is a requirement that when the Department of Immigration (Department of...
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Children born on plane or ship
Children born on a plane or ship If a child is born on plane & ship, which is the child’s country of birth? A child born on plane & ship is taken to have been born at the country where the plane or ship is registered. If a pregnant Chinese lady is flying from Shanghai...
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Australian Citizenship granted to children born in Australia on their 10th birthday
A Child born in Australia to illegal non-citizen parents can apply for Australia citizenship on his/her 10th birthday Australia Citizenship granted to children born and live in Australia for at least 10 years even if their parents are illegal non-citizens Australian Citizenship may be granted to children who are born and live in Australia for...
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visa refused or cancelled on character grounds
Visas, including permanent resident visa, can be cancelling for failing Character test PR & Visa Cancellation is permitted for failing the Character test The Department of Immigration (Department of Home Affairs) often subject PR & Visa holder for cancellation if they failed the Character test. Unlawful non-citizen, that is, a person who is not an...
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