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If you have a talent or unique skills, you could apply for a permanent visa to live in Australia

Global Talent (Subclass 858) or Distinguished Talent Class BX Subclass 858 visa: Who & How to apply

There are 2 categories in the Distinguished or Global Talent (Subclass 858) visa for people who have an internationally recognised achievement in certain field to live permanently in Australia. The 2 categories are:

  1. internationally recognised achievement; and
  2. specialised assistance
Distinguished talent visa
Subclass 124 visa has now been merged with Subclass 858 visa

Please note that Distinguished Talent (Subclass 124) visa is now merged with Distinguished Talent (Subclass 858) visa. Previously Distinguished Talent (Subclass 124) visa is for applicants who are not in Australia at the time of their application; and Distinguished Talent (Subclass 858) visa is for applicants who are in Australia at the time of their application. Distinguished Talent (Subclass 858) visa is now for anyone, whether they are out or in Australia. Click here to learn more about this visa.

If you have an international career in the following field, you could apply to settle permanently in Australia on a Subclass 858 Distinguished or Global Talent visa.

You must have an internationally achievement in:

  1. a profession; or
  2. sport; or
  3. the arts; or
  4. academia and research; or
  5. have provided specialised assistance to the Australian government in matters of security

The Subclass 858 Distinguished or Global Talent visa is to provide permanent residence to people who are exceptionally outstanding in their field. They must:

  1. be eminent in the top echelons of their field;
  2. not able to qualify for other permanent visas, but
  3. will be able to make substantial contributions to the Australian community because of their international achievements.

The field must also be 1 that has national as well as international recognition and acceptance in Australia. For example, you have an international career in a sport, you should be ranked in the top 5 internationally for your age group and the sport must be 1 that is played in Australia and is included in regular international competition, such as the Olympics.

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Age limitations

In order to be able to apply for the Subclass 858 Distinguished or Global Talent visa, you must be at least 18 and under 55 at the time of making your application. However, if you are younger than 18 or older than 55, the Department of Immigration (Department of Home Affairs) may still grant you the visa if you can make exceptional contribution or provide exceptional benefit to the Australian community.

You should note that it is unlike a person younger than 18 could have achieved the required level of international achievement in a profession or academia and research. Competence, and exceptional and outstanding achievements that are considered to be internationally recognised would normally require a period of employment or research following formal training.

You would need to demonstrate that your distinguished talent can be put to immediate use if granted the Subclass 858 Distinguished Talent visa. You are not expected to retire or pursue other activities within a few years of arriving in Australia.

You can be in Australia or overseas to apply for the Subclass 858 Distinguished or Global Talent visa (click here to learn more).

You may also be eligible to apply for Global Talent Independent visa (click here to learn more).

Your current visa or last visa must not be:

  1. ETA Class UD Subclass 601 (click here to learn); or
  2. Maritime Crew Class ZM Subclass 988 (click here to learn more); or
  3. Superyacht Crew Class UW Subclass 488; or
  4. Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Subclass 400 (click here to learn more); or
  5. Tourist Class TR Subclass 676; or
  6. eVisitor Class TV Subclass 651 (click here to learn more); or
  7. Visitor Class FA Subclass 600 (click here to learn more); or
  8. Special Purpose visa.

If you are in Australia when you apply for this visa, you may be granted a bridging visa to allow you to stay in the country until your application is finalised (click here to learn more about bridging visa).

If you want to know more about Distinguished or Global Talent visas, click here. Or to learn more about GTI (Global Talent Independent visa), please click here.

Australian migration law is complex and difficult to understand, contact our immigration lawyer for a consultation (fee applies) to help you apply for this visa or to decide if this is the best visa for you (click here to find out how an immigration lawyer or registered migration agent can help you) or click here to learn more. You may also refer to our FAQs for answers regarding visa application or visa cancellation by clicking here.

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